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  • Virtual Staff
    Finding the right employee with the right skills in a specific location is difficult and costly for any company. We have a large database of candidates with various skills and we can get you the right skills at a fraction of the cost. This is made possible with the use of various cost efficiencies we have developed for all parties involves. Our production facilities are located in countries that have low cost office space rental, low minimum wages, low health care rates, low cost electricity rates and low cost internet rates. Our facilities has the latest equipment which are environment friendly by utilizing power efficient equipment from the ground up. Our virtual specialists are located near our production facilities thus helping them save on transportation costs and more importantly is they save on their time commuting to and from work. As our client you would also save not just with the salaries of your staff but also with the overheads that are often neglected but eventually adds to the total cost of operations. With our virtual specialist there are no other hidden costs attached to your employees like additional taxes, insurance or benefits. Our virtual specialists are truly flexible whether you would be needing a specialist to work with you a few hours a week to a team of virtual specialists working full time for your project.  Having a dedicated facilities here in Philippines, we will help you organize your life and business.  Providing part time or full time virtual staffs with various skill sets for any kind of services, with excellent English and computer skills.  Our virtual staff can do any task that can be done off site.  They will work for you remotely under your complete control and management with no employee liabilities.  We recruit and you can select your candidates for staff., and we provide the required office space, workplace and amenities.  We will continue to work with you until you receive the services that you are looking for.  This is the place to choose the best staffs in the industry.
    1. you choose your staff
    2. we prepare a workstation in our office that your staff will use
    3. we handle technical support and human resource to manage of your staff
    4. you can then instruct them on what you want done
    5. you will then see their progress in our portal